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NON-Textile | 15760


Gas Fired Heaters available, subject to prior sale and availability:


2  Greenheck Vertical Direct Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Heaters
     Year: 2015
     Model: VSU-218-H40
     Volume: 20,000 CFM
     Engine Power: 13.93 HP
     Fan RPM: 852
     Heating: Direct Gas / Natural
     Energy In / Out: 1,400 / 1,288 MBH
     Leaving Dry Bulb: 81.6 F
     Air Flow Arrangement: Outdoor Air Only
     Filter Section: Aluminum

     The Greenback model VSU uses direct gas-fired technology to provide efficient ventilation and heating in any climate. A 92% thermal efficient line burner reduces gas consumption for maximum energy savings for both natural gas and propane fuel sources. The vertical configuration removes the equipment. Ground level filters, dampers, and controls simplify equipment start-up and maintenance. The VSU is designed specifically for the provisioning and conditioning of air for industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Airflow volumes range from 800 to 64,000 cfm and heating capacities up to 7,000,000 Btu / hr are available.

        Available: Immediately