NEW Reiter Draw Frames

Opening, Cleaning, Carding, Draw Frames, Roving Frames, Spinning Frames (14939)

Truetzschler Equipment w/Accessories (5918-OE-REV 3)

Complete Ring Spinning Plant (5488CP)

Marzoli Cards w/Vouk Drawing & West Point Slasher (5873-CP/14043)

Marzoli Opening, Blending & Carding Line w/Vouk Drawing & Schlafhorst SE-9 Autocoros (5873-CP/14043/14461)

Marzoli, Vouk and Savio Equipment (5873-CP/14043/14399)

Complete Indigo Dyeing, Weaving and Spinning Plant (5488-CP)

Air Jet Weave Plant (13813-CP)