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One Complete 3.6-meter-wide Spun Lace Line, Year of Manufacture 2015


We have available for sale the following One Complete 3.6-meter-wide Spun Lace Line, Year of Manufacture 2015 – Installed and Production Started May 2016 – Production ceased August 2016 as a result of competition from overseas, subject only to remaining unsold.


(1)   Complete Chinese Spun Lace Line
        With Siemens Control system
        Year of Installation 2016
        Manufacturing Start Date 2015
        Length: approximate 54m
        Width: Max. 3,600mm

        1. Opening:
        1)Electronic Weighing Opener x3Set
        Size: 1,500mm, Capacity:500kg/hr
        2)Pre-Opener x 1 Set
        Size: 1,200mm, Capacity: 800kg/hr
        3)Blender x 1 Set
        Blender Bin Type
        Size: 2,000 mm
        Cabin volume: 20㎡
        4)Fine Opener x 2 Set
        5)Distributer: ¢320 mm
        Automatic hydraulic type
        6)Blow Fan & Pipe Magnet x 5 Set
        7)PLC Automatic Control System SIEMENS
        8)Multi Drum Dust Filtering Unit

        2. Main Carding M/C
        1)Reserve Box with Fan x 2 Set
Width:1,2500mm, Cap': 700kg/hr
Blower Type
2)Air Pressure Feeder x 2 Set
W3, 600 x D 1,000 x 3,000 mmH
Blower:1.5KW x 3 ea
3)High Speed Carding M/C x 2 Set
WEB Weight: 10-60g/㎡
Speed: 130 m/min
Main Cylinder: ¢1,500 x 3,800 mmL
Control Box: SIEMENS
4)Combined Conveyor x 1 Set
W 3,800 x 10,000 mmL

3. Spunlace Machine
Working width: 3,500 mm
Working speed:130 m/min
1)Prewetting Spunlace Units x 1 Set
2)Drum Spunlace Units x 3 Set
3)Vacuum Pump x 1 Set
Drum Roll Type

4. After-Finishing, Dryer Part
Working width: 3,600 mm
Working speed:130 m/min
1)6 Drum Dryer x 1 Set
Drum: ¢1,400 mm
2)Accumulator x 1 Set
4 Roll, Capacity: 3 m
3)Stain Detector x 1 Set
4)Gram & Moisture Detector x 1 Set
5)Automatic Winder x 1 Set
Main Roll: Rubber Roll
PLC type, Spin winding: ¢76 mm
6)Heater Boiler 1Set. Blower: 45 KW

5. High Pressure Water supply System
1)High Pressure Auxiliary Pump
Station, Stabilizer, Police
Filtration, Connecting Pipe x 6 Set
Pump:132KW x 2ea, 90KW x 2 ea
75 KW, 37 KW
2)Middle Pressure Pump x 1 Set
45 KW
3)Low Pressure Water Supplying
Pump Valve x 1 Set
11 KW

6. Water Suction System
1)High Pressure Water Separation
Censored x 2 Set
25,000 PA, 12,000 PA

7. Water Filtration
Circulation volume: 200T on/hr
High pressure pump: Max 100 bar
1)Floating Filtration System x 1 Set
Water tank: W 4,000 x 2, 500 H x 16,000 mmL
2)Sand Filtration System x 4 Set
Shell Type
3)Bag Filtration System,
Metal Filtration Water Tank
Belt Press
4)Tank, Level, Control, etc
6)Process Connect Filtting

8. Main Control System
PLC Bus Control System
(Without Secondary Wiring)

9. Auxiiary Equipment and Optional Parts
1)Spare Needle Board x 4 Set
2)Spare Net    (50#, Aperture Drum)
   X 1 Set
3)Needle Board Cleaning M/C
Heating Box x 1 Set
4)Slitter M/C x 1 Set

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