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COMPLETE PLANTS | 15628 Zinser 351

Zinser 351 Spinning Plant, 13,392 spindles

PROPOSAL NO. 15628 Zinser 351



          1       Rieter Unifloc Bale Opener

                   Model A.10

                   Year 1995

                   Arm Length 2.3M

          1       Rieter Uniclean

                   Model B.10

                   Year 1995

          2       Rieter Unimix

                   Model B.7/3

                   Year   1995

          2       Rieter Uniflex

                   Model B.60

                   With feed trunks

                   Year   1995

          2       Rieter Condensers


                   Year   1995


          10     Rieter Cards

                   Model C.50

                   Chute Feed A70/0

                   Auto Can Changer

                   Can Size 24in x 48 inches

                   Year 1995




4       Rieter Draw Frames

                   Model SB.951

                   Single Delivery

                   Auto Can Changer

                   Year 1995


4       Rieter Draw Frames

                   Model RSB 951

                   Single Delivery

                   Auto Leveller

                   Year 1995


Roving Frames

          4       Rieter Roving Frames

                   Model F.5

                   120 Spindles

                   Bobbin Size 16 x 6 inches

                   Automatic Doffing

                   Year 1995

Ring Spinning & Winding:

          12     Zinser Ring Spinning Frames

                   Model 351

                   1116 spindles

                   82.5mm gauge

                   260mm Bobbin Height

                   Novibra Spindles Type HF3

                   58 mm Ring Diameter

                   SKF PK.2025 Overarms

                   Spindle wharf diameter 30mm

                   Top Roll diameter 27mm

                   Middle Roll diameter 30mm

                   Bottom Roll diameter 27mm

                   Slubbing Attachments

                   Auto Doffing


                   Sohler Overhead Blower

                   With PINTER / FANI RovingBobbin Stop System

                   With PINTER / FANI Spindle Sensor System     

                   Year   2004

                   Linked to

          12     Schlafhorst Link Coners

                   Model 338.V

                   42 Positions

                   6 inch traverse

                   Cone Take up 5 deg 57 cone angle

                   2 wind drums

                   Air Splicers

                   Uster Quantum 2 Yarn Clearers


                   Year 2004