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Nonwoven | 14485

Chemically Bonded Nonwoven Line


We have available the following Chemical Bonded Nonwoven Line; subject to prior sale:


1 Tomes Chemical Bonded Nonwoven Line
Year: Built 1998 (NEW – never used)
3500mm Wide

1 Impregnation Foulard
2 Cylinders Nickel Covered
445mm Diameter
3600mm Wide
Double Foam Distributor with Variable Speed

1 Wumag Cylinder Dryer
7 Cylinders
800mm Diameter
3500mm Wide
Complete with Suction

1 Polymerization Curing Chamber
3500mm Wide
27 Meters Capacity
Complete with Heating Chamber and Fan

1 Accumulator
3500mm Wide
28 Meters Capacity

1 Longitudinal Cutting Group
3500mm Wide
4 Cutter
Working with Pneumatic Pressure
Complete with Dancing Cylinder for Auto Regulation
Controllable Weight and Meter Counter

1 Rolling Unit
3500mm Wide
2 Rollers
Pressure Cylinder

1 Conveyor made with non-adherent material
360mm Wide
3000mm Length

1 Conveyor made in PVC
3800mm Wide, 1500mm Length

1 Control Cabinet for Brushless Motors
With all accessories and elements

All machines are driven by brushless motors.
The line is still erected but disconnected from the electrical power.

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.