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Laser Pattern / Effect cutting for all Fabrics 1600mm year 2004

We have available the following Laser Pattern / Effect cutting for all Fabrics; subject to prior sale:


1 Laser Fabric Engraver
By OT-LAS Italy
Model . GOAL 500

Create your exclusive designs
with the GOAL 500 Laser Engraver.

The Process:
The GOAL 500 is a machine for decorating
All types of woven or knitted fabrics, Leather,
Coated and Non Woven Fabrics by Laser engraving
Large or small surface areas
And by automated unwinding and rewinding – larger
Fabric rolls is possible
Moreover, it is possible to process large areas
with a composition of smaller modules when higher
resolution is necessary.
As already mentioned, these treatments can be effected
on the surfaces of all types of fabrics, leather,
artificial leather, coated materials, flocked fabrics, etc.

For a better explanation of the functioning,
you can watch a video on the official site of Ot-La,
click on this link to view the processing:

The Pre-Owned Machine
Manufacturer OT-LAS
Model GOAL 500
Year of Construction 2004
Working width 1600 mm
(suitable for finished fabrics, width of 150/152 cm.)
Feeding and delivery of the fabric from small roll

Location: Europe
Available: Immediately

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.