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Ringspinning | 15514-Ring

Zinser Long Staple Acryllic Worsted Ring Spinning Frame, Year 2012

PROPOSAL NO. 15514-Ring

We have the following Zinser Long Staple Acryllic Worsted Ring Spinning Frame linked with Schlafhorst Automatic Winder, subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 15514-Ring

  1    Zinser Acryllic Long Staple Ring Spinning Frame
        Model 451 C3
        720 spindles
        82.5 mm gauge
        48 mm ring diameter
        250mm tube length
        Ring Type R&F Conical Steel, Lubricated
        Count Range Nm 18 to Nm 50
        CoWeMat Auto Doffing Type 395V
        with Roving Creel 6 rows with Pinter Hangers
        Drafting PK1601
        OptiClean cleaning carriage
        OptiSpin Layer speed control
        OptiStart ring traveler running start
        Spindle Brake
        Spindle with metal crown and V cutter
        CompACT³ Top Roller LP1014
        Cot for CompACT³ top roller D19 x D27 x B28
        Cot for top roller CompACT³ Accotex J490 83 shore
        CompACT³ Apron Accotex 782110G
        CompACT³ apron perforated elliptic & Round P.09
        CompACT³ Manual suction unit
        Overhead travelling blower
        Year     2012
        Linked to
  1    Schlafhorst Automatic Winder
        Model AC.X5.V
        16 Positions
        14 winding heads with 2 blank positions
        Cone Take up 6 inch traverse
        3 deg 30 cone angle
        Autotense FX
        Bobbin Readying station
        Ceramic cutters for splicers
        Continuous Transfer Station
        Duster removal system
        Uster Quantum 3 Electronic Yarn Clearers
        Quality guard drum lap guard with sensor
        PreciFX Grooveless winding drum system
        Tube Stripper
        Waxing Device
        Year     2012
        Condition:    Like New – Few Hours
        Price:    F.O.T.

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.