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Spinning | 13813-CP

Miscellaneous Yarn Mill


We have available the following Machinery & Equipment; subject to prior sale:


Miscellaneous Yarn Mill:

  1    Rieter Mini Mix
        Model B3/3
        Year 2000        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  3    Abington Pumps        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  1    Murata Process Coner, Rewinder
        Model 21C
        10 position
        12 pocket Magazine feed
        Loepfe Zenith Optical Clearers
        Air splicers
        Tube Take up
        6 inch traverse
        Year 2009        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  3    Murata Mini Mach Rewinders
        Model 7R2
        Single spindle
        12 Pocket Magazine Feed
        Without clearers
        Tube Take up
        6 inch traverse
        Year 2006/2007        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  1    Griffin Double Headstock Slasher
        Maximum beaming width 130 inches
        Maximum flange diameter 40 inches
        DC Drives throughout
        Year:    1997 – Rebuilt in 2006
            Upgraded in 2009 with New Controls        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  3    Size Storage Kettles

Drawing In:
  1    Barber Colman Automatic Drawing In Machine
        Model 156GSH
        156 inch maximum drawn beam width
        22 Harness frames Max
        Including 8 position with small eye attachments
        6 row warp stop motion
        Year 1998        
        Price:    F.O.T.

36    Tsudakoma Air Jet Looms
        Model ZAX
        2 color with profile reed
        330cm weaving width
        Plain Crank motion running 2 harness
        Leno Selvedge
        With APR
        With message terminal “i” High mounted over loom
        Each Loom with:
        4 Harness frames
        1 Warp Beam 914mm / 1000mm diameter flanges
        All beams are single full width beams
        2 Weft Feeders
        1 Batcher with inspection
        2 Warp stop Electrode Bars
        1 loom reed
        Heddles and Droppers as installed in loom
        480 Volts
        Year:    1996        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  1    Lot extra Loom Beams
        Flange diameter 914mm and 1000mm
        280 cm & 330cm     

  2    Warp Beam Lift Trucks        
        Price:    F.O.T.

  1    Wall Mounted Inverters    

  1    Calibration Weight for Scale / 500 Lb.        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Rieter Air Handling Stock Fan
        Year 2000        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Rieter Stock Fan
        Year 2000
        575 Volt        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Ansul Fire Protection        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  3    Tsudakoma Beam Barrels        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Pneumatech Air Drier
        Year 1996        
        Price:    ex mill floor    

  3    Birch Brothers Sewing Railway Frames
        (1) Without Sewing Head    
        (2) w/Merrow Sewing Head, 70-ABB-1    
        85" Sewing Width

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.