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Weaving | 14398-Weave-VL

Aluminum Benninger Sizetec Sizing Boxes; Section Beams; Sulzer Ruti L5200 Air Jet Looms; 250 cm Positive Crank; Spare Loom Beams; Reeds; Parts; Tusdakoma Center Tuckers

PROPOSAL NO. 14398-Weave-VL

We have available the following Weaving equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 14398-Weave

Complete Val Lessina (VL) Headstock w/
2 Benninger Sizetec Sizing Boxes
Year 2006
Each 2 Dip and 2 Nip
One section of 4 Dry cans over each Size box
8 Final Dry Cans
16 Dry Cans Total
16 Beam Creel for 240cm section beams
Oiling and Lubrication Trough
Reliance Drives throughout
Moisture and Stretch Monitoring

39 Aluminum Section Beams
240cm warping width
1000mm Beam Flange Diameter
Splined Gear Drive ends 65 Sulzer Ruti (Toyoda) Air Jet Looms
Model L5200 B250 N2 TE
250cm weaving width
2 Color weft insertion
Positive Crank Shedding for 4 Shafts
Electronic let off
Double Back Rest Rollers
Side Tuckers
On Loom Take up
Each loom supplied with
1 Warp Beam
1 Cloth Roller
4 Harness Frames
6 Warp stop bars
2 Weft Feeders
Year: 1994/1995
6 Spare Loom Beams
Sulzer Ruti (Toyoda) L5200
1000mm beam diameter
260 Assorted Air Jet Loom Reeds
250cm Lot Sulzer Ruti (Toyoda) L5200 spare parts Lot Sulzer L5100 spare parts 26 Tsudakoma Center Tuckers Model ZA205
Without needles

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.