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Weaving | 15568-AJ

Gunne by Picanol Tire Cord Air Jet looms, 1.9m wide


We have available for immediate sale the following Gunne by Picanol Tire Cord Air Jet looms, subject to prior sale: 


  2    Gunne Tire Cord Air Jet Looms    
        Model TC 190
        190cm Weaving width
        2 Colors 
        Plain Positive Crank Shedding Motion
        Side Tuck In 
        Warp tension stands 
        Off loom take-up 
        Rubber covered rollers
        Year:    (1) 2001 (1) 2000


  2    Texkimp Tire Cord Loom Creels
        Model TC MM
        1680 running ends 
        Eyelet board 1680 ceramic eyelets
        24 module each 70 ends double-sided
        7 packages high x long
        Arranged in 3 sections of 8 modules across the loom
        Unrolling with spring and band tension braking
        Central mechanical tension control
        Overhead discharge
        Overall height: 108 inches
        Overall width: 26 inches
        Overall length: 72 3/4 inches
        One pair of central wheels
        Texkimp package holders for 90 mm i/d tubes
        Max. package length: 12 inches
        Vertical center: 13.5 inches

        Horizontal package centers: 13.5 inches
        Year:    2004

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.