Material Handling

Robopac Roll Wrapper / Stretch Wrap Machine

Horizontal automatic wrapping machine with rotating ring. Diameter rotating ring 98 inches. Large sized rotating ring for wrapping panels, kit furniture, assembled furniture, doors, windows, pipes, extruded aluminium and other long and bulky non-palletised products.

Case Conveyor – Never Used

Over 1000 feet of never used power roller conveyor.

Garvey Accumulation Tables – Never Used

(6) Available Garvey INFINI-FLO Accumilation Tables, never used.

Garvey Bottling Conveyor – Never Used

Never used 2015 Garvey 3.25 inch chain conveyor, model 600, 316 Stainless Steel frame, support legs, railings, connectors.

Schneider Wraparound Case Packer – Never Used

(2) Available Scheider Wraparound Case Packers, Model HCP 5V1P.

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